Welcome to Avitar Associates' online Assessing Kiosk. This site hosts assessing data for numerous communities throughout the State of New Hampshire. For an updated list of the available municipalities click HERE.

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There are two methods by which you can access data on this site:

Database Subscribers are users who have purchased an annual subscription to access data from one or more of the avaliable communities. If you have purchased a subscription, choose the SUBSCRIBER option at left, enter your username and password, and press the Login button.

If you had an active subscription during our recent website migration we have extended your subscription by one month. If your subscription was due to expire in the last 90 days your subscription has been extended until 02/15/2021.

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Guests are users who have not purchased a subscription and therefore only have access to limited data. Databases available anonymously are provided as a service of Avitar Associates and the individual Municipality. To use the data anonymously, choose the GUEST option at left, retype the challenge phrase presented to you, and press the Login button.

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Note: If you are using login information provided to you by your municipality or assessor for the purpose of reviewing revaluation results, please choose the Subscriber option. Questions you may have about the information itself should be directed to the municipality.